Kramp Twin Tracker: 4 Months {Liam}

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Our wiggly baby boy is 4 months old now! This child is always on the move. Whether in your lap or on the floor, Liam will surely be trying his best to bounce.

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You would think he’d be a little skinnier with as much as he likes to move, but I suppose the 8-10 ounces he eats 4 times a day counteracts that.

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Liam is such a fun and happy little baby. He doesn’t cry much these days, and when he does you can usually see it coming and intervene before it becomes a full blown cry. His cry is absolutely adorable though. Is it wrong that I think it’s cute when my son cries? He makes the most pitiful face and his chin quivers as he lets out a hoarse little “wahh”.

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This is the best picture I have of it, because every time I try to capture him crying he switches to a smile. Little rascal!

As cute as his cry is, we definitely prefer the chatty/giggly side of him. He has the best belly laugh ever!!! He thinks it’s funny when mommy yawns and when anyone laughs. He loves to mimic your laugh!

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Liam is a great little sleeper just like his sissy! He slept 14 hours the last two nights too. While he’s almost always the first one to wake up in the morning, 11-13 hour nights are what he usually gives us. So we definitely can’t complain!

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We decided to stop swaddling him at the same time as Cherish rather than waiting until he could roll back to front. That way, in case it was a rough transition for them, we just had to go through it once and not twice! 😉 Liam is sooooo wiggly that he definitely had a rough time that first night without being swaddled. I think he woke up 2-3 times that night, which is super rare for him! I think every time he moved in his sleep it startled him awake. But the next night he slept over 11 hours again, so he got used to it pretty quickly.

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This baby boy brings us so much joy day in and day out. It’s an honor to be called his mommy!

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