#weksfoster {Preparing Hearts & Home}

I wrote this post in December, a week before our home was opened & we accepted our first foster care placement.

We (the Kieklaks) are at the tail end of the foster care certification process. We were supposed to have our home open by November 1st, but there was some forgotten paperwork that surfaced after we signed our contract. Now, after the 1st of December, we’ve gotten all the paperwork (actually all of it this time) sent in to DHS and we’re just waiting for approval. Our foster care agency will want us to take another respite care placement before taking a (more) permanent placement.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some projects to get our house ready for more littles. One of those projects is getting the guest room ready. As the least-used room in the house, it was a disaster area. It’s where I dropped things off while cleaning because I didn’t want to deal with them. It’s where we stored things ‘temporarily’ in a way that was actually permanent. So I tackled it.

I rearranged the furniture to fit the crib that we moved in there, as well as the baby dresser and rocker. I also sorted through the mountain of hand-me-downs from my nephews and niece and organized all the clothes in labeled bins in the attic. That way when we get a placement we can go up there, grab the bin with the right size clothing, grab any age-appropriate toys, and not have any unnecessary stuff cluttering up the house.

Another project I’m working on is our cross-stitched family portrait. This idea came from my friend Angela who has been fostering littles for 3 years now. She uses painted wooden people, I’m using cross stitch. The portrait of us will sit on a shelf, and I’ll make little portraits of every kid that comes into our home. There will be one shelf for everyone “in our home” and another shelf to move kids to after they’ve moved on and are “in our hearts”. I saw Angela post about her tradition, and I knew I had to adapt it to use in our home, too. What a sweet way to remember those who have been in our family, even if just for a little while.

We are so excited about this next stage of our lives. It will be hard, and it will take all of our energy and the full support of our friends, family, and church, but we know it will be worth it.

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