#weksfoster {Regroup & Relax}

When our first foster placement left our home earlier this month, we decided to take a short break from fostering. We’ve been snuggling with our boys, soaking up this time with just them, and enjoying an easy life for a while.

This in-between time is a lot like nesting. There are all these little things I need to get done because who knows what’s coming next. We need to do a few things around the house, and I need to finish a couple quilt orders. I’ve been working on our cross-stitch family portraits as well, and trying to find a good shelf for display.

We’re rearranging some things in the guest/foster room. Now that we’ve actually tried it out with a child in there, we’re making some changes so that everything works better and we’ll have a little more storage.

This past weekend Steve & I went down to Sulfur, Oklahoma for a mini vacation at The Artesian. Steve’s parents took the boys and Nike for the whole weekend and we had a relaxing time just the two of us.

We also spent some time at home doing some freezer meal prep so we’ll be well stocked for a few months. I like knowing we have some stuff on hand for those nights when I need something quick and easy. Steve browned meat, I put together casseroles and assembled freezer burritos, and we listened to Boom Town, a book about the history of Oklahoma City, which has been very entertaining so far. It was a great weekend.

We’ve been trying to take advantage of being a family of 4 again, and to get the most out of these past few weeks. Foster care has made us more appreciative of our own children, the bond that we have and the time that we get with them, and we’re so proud of how easily they welcomed another little into our home. So we’ll be snuggling them a little more closely for a few more days, and then our home will open again for placement on Thursday – and who can say what life will be like then?

Explorer & adventurer - mostly through scratches of ink on a page - I enjoy my husband, our twin boys, our boisterous German shepherd, and strive to live for the glory of God.
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  1. Oh my goodness Lisa I’m so excited to see what God has in store next!

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