We’re Blogging For TwinGo Carrier!


A few weeks ago, TwinGo Carrier approached us on Instagram asking if we’d be interested in guest blogging for them. Ummm…. YES! Of course!!! Easiest answer ever.

We both are huge fans of our own TwinGo Carriers – click here to read how Lisa acquired hers. So, yes… obviously, we would be over the moon to partner with them in any way possible. Their carrier is the only “twin” item that we both view as a necessity. It’s the first item I recommend to any new twin mom. And now that the twins are 2 and Abi is 8 months, I find myself using it more than ever to keep her contained while chasing Cherish and Liam. It’s a lifesaver, to say the least.

Our first post is live on their blog already! Your 10 Favorite Twin Memes All in One Place – Check it out and let us know what you think!

cara and lisa 2

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