Baby 3 Bump Collage

It was interesting having a twin pregnancy first, and then going to a singleton less than a year later. Generally women show more with their second child, so I feel like I didn’t get an accurate comparison between singletons and twins because of this. I think I show later in pregnancies in general, but I do feel like my bump appeared sooner this time, especially considering the fact that there was just one baby in there! And it wasn’t until about the mid 20s that I could really see a significant difference between my singleton and twin bump size… at least not in the photos. Continue reading

Update on Abi {1.9.17}

 photo 26BA0B31-DF6F-4D30-8D03-FCA6754543A8_zps21jep25a.jpg

Last Tuesday, while Matt was at work and I was blissfully sleeping to the rarity of all three kids napping at once, I awoke to 3 voicemails from the Weisskopf Center for Pediatric Genetics stressing the importance of calling them back ASAP to discuss the results of Abi’s state-mandated newborn screening. Continue reading