The Friday Five {2.17.17}


Racial Reconciliation Sunday

1.  This past Sunday was Racial Reconciliation Sunday for churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. While we never miss Orphan Care Sunday or Sanctity of Life Sunday, it’s not uncommon for Racial Reconciliation Sunday, another important step towards valuing and serving all people as God’s image-bearers, to go unnoticed in our churches. In honor of RRS, here’s an eye-opening article chronicling Lori Lakin Hutcherson’s experiences growing up as a black middle-class American. Though I rarely think of myself as privileged because of my skin color, Lori’s stories made it clear that it’s often what isn’t there in my own experiences that reveal my privilege.

Orphan Care

2. What Christians Should Know About Embryo Adoption – This is a great article overviewing embryo adoption, how it differs from IFV & other fertility treatments, and practical ways for Christians to stand up for embryonic lives.

3. 10 Simple Ways Your Church Can Serve Foster Families – A practical list of ways that any church can serve foster families. Foster care can be very draining on families, and it’s important for the church to actively support them as much as they can.

Just for Fun

4. Women’s Group Successfully Casts Out Demon Using Barrage of Essential Oils – Don’t worry, it’s just satire! The Babylon Bee is satirical news website for Christians, and they are pretty hilarious if you ask me. I’m sure you’ll see plenty more of their links on our Friday Five in the coming days.

The Story Behind the Sermon

5. The Story Behind John Piper’s Most Famous Attack on the Prosperity Gospel  – An interesting look at one of the most powerful and widely watched clips in John Piper’s ministry.  Piper’s “tacked-on” words still ring true today.  The false bill of goods the Prosperity Gospel sells is nothing less than a false gospel leading to the idolatry of things.

cara and lisa 2

Two friends striving to be faithful women of God and excellent wives.
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